Day 19 & 20 – Don’t Stop Believin’

I spent a large part of the day of Day 19 chilling out and doing some planning for the coming days, so not much to report on that front. Funnily enough the bad weather had managed to finally catch up with me after I’d ditched it in Chicago, as the temperature had dropped and the skies that had, for so long, remained clear, finally turned stormy. That was my cue to head to my next destination. I must keep one step ahead of the weather. Continue reading “Day 19 & 20 – Don’t Stop Believin’”


Day 18 – Bigger but not Biggest

I’ve been going on and on about how much larger stuff seems to be over here in the US of A and I will continue to do so. I like to think of my amazement and captivation at such things as being similar to an ant looking up at seeing humans, or a 2-dimensional creature discovering a 3rd dimension for the first time. Continue reading “Day 18 – Bigger but not Biggest”

Day 16 – The Unfitness Test

On the morning of the 16th day we headed out for a little walk on the wild side. The walk on the wild side being a short stroll around a little park on the other side of the river in Minneapolis. From here we could see the Stone Arch Bridge over the Mississippi River (wow, I spelled that correctly first time). I never actually walked over it (totally forgot to do that) but I’ve seen both ends of it and I’ve seen it from a distance. Continue reading “Day 16 – The Unfitness Test”

Day 14 – Mine, All Mine!

Boy am I seriously behind in my posts. I am currently sitting in a Starbucks (other evil coffee corporations are available) in Portland trying to catch up a bit on blogging and as such the upcoming posts will probably be a bit shorter (both in an attempt to catch up and due to forgetting the minutia of the day). But hey, let’s jump back a few days to Chicago: Continue reading “Day 14 – Mine, All Mine!”